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Western Extreme Fortifies Home Against Wild Weather

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Western Extreme Fortifies Home Against Wild Weather

Ply Gem

August 20, 2019

With extreme heat and cold, harsh winters and humid summers, northeastern Iowa’s climate can be brutal.

“Surprisingly, Iowa gets the brute force of all four seasons. We see everything from 100-plus-degree days down to 32-degrees below zero,” explained Al Carpenter, managing partner of City Builders & Supply in Cedar Falls, Iowa. “It’s quite a unique atmosphere up here for vinyl siding. You have to put on something stronger in order to have success down the road instead of repairs.”

City Builders, founded in 1987 and owned by Dwight Wielenga and Dennis Wildeboer, specializes in exterior remodeling of residential homes and commercial buildings, including installation of siding and accessories, roofing, windows, doors, sunrooms and more.

In fall 2018, when local homeowners needed to replace their lower quality, hail-damaged, original vinyl siding, they turned to City Builders for advice. For their renovation, the homeowners wanted better quality siding that would last. 

“We get extreme heat on the south and west sides of homes. A lot of vinyl shows it very quickly with oil canning, wear and tear, and expansion and contraction issues. The thinner panels just don’t hold up,” said Carpenter. “We chose the new Mastic Western Extreme siding because it’s designed to withstand our wild weather. We’ve had good success with it on residential and commercial projects.”

City Builders’ installers replaced the home’s dated brick façade with a mix of stacked stone and Western Extreme Double 4-inch Dutch Lap siding in Misty Shadow on all sides.

Engineering a New Design

Mastic Western Extreme vinyl siding was created for homes like this one in the West and Midwest. Ply Gem experts spent more than two years developing specialized materials to withstand damaging sun exposure and infrared light, rapid temperature changes, and other issues related to geography and varying elevations.

In addition to a blend of materials and pigments designed for dark colors in higher heat conditions, the engineers selected extra thick vinyl and a unique locking system to maximize panel strength and rigidity. 

They even adjusted the form factor. For example, the new Double 4-inch Dutch Lap profile features a cove-to-flat-area ratio that maximizes strength during extreme changes in temperature. To ensure the new design worked, the team tested Western Extreme on homes in some of the country’s toughest climates.

City Builders & Supply has more than 30 years experience as an exterior remodeler of residential homes and commercial buildings. Pictured left to right, is Dennis Wildeboer VP, Dwight Wielenga President and Al Carpenter, Managing Partner.

Making Homeowners Happy

While City Builders isn’t exclusive to any one siding manufacturer, today about 80 to 90% of the company’s vinyl siding installations come from the Mastic collection. 

“Mastic is a great company with quality products. We like the product features. They’re backed up with substance,” said Carpenter. “It’s a successful company that’s been around a long time, and is here to stay.”

As North America’s leading manufacturer of vinyl siding, Ply Gem’s legacy spans 75 years.The company is known for its innovative designs and popular colors and styles. Like all Mastic vinyl siding, Western Extreme is covered by the Ply Gem VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty.

“We’re very pleased with Western Extreme so far. It looks good and our installers are happy with it, too. They say it feels thicker and stronger. The panel locking system is extremely well engineered,” said Carpenter. “As for this house, it turned out amazing. The homeowners are very happy with the quality of their new siding.”

To learn more about Western Extreme and request a brochure, visit mastic.com. Ask your local Mastic distributor or visit https://www.plygem.com/wps/portal/home/brands/mastic/for-professionals/where-to-buy about special promotions available to you and your homeowners.

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