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TNAR Remodeler: Avoiding Water Intrusion

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TNAR Remodeler: Avoiding Water Intrusion

2021 TNAR remodeler Rob Smith, owner of E2 Homes explains the danger of improper roof flashing 

By By James F. McClister July 6, 2020
rob smith shows water damage from bad roofing flashing

In a quick video from E2 Homes, the remodeling firm behind the upcoming New American Remodel that's set to debut at IBS 2021 in Orlando, owner Rob Smith talks roof flashing and how improper installation can damage the home. Looking at a strip of black, cumbling wood, Smith says, "this is a sign there was a flashing issue with the roof." Because there was no kickout flashing, water was able to intrude into the wall and eventually cause the sheathing to rot. 

A Short Lessen in Video Production

While Smith's video delivers a brief tip on kickout and overall proper flashing and how things can go rotten without it, he also indirectly gives us an example of how YouTube can be used as a platform to showcase professional competence. Three months ago E2 Homes began its YouTube channel and since then has published a dozen videos, none longer than four and half minutes (and most under two minutes). In this latest video, Smith doesn't mince words or give himself a long lead-in that can test attention spans. Instead, he gets right to the point. He shows the problem, explains the problem, and gives a solution. Other remodelers could learn more than just the importance of kickout flashing from it. 

written by

James F. McClister

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.

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