Remodeling Mastery Forum: The State and Future of Home Improvement and Remodeling

Eight industry and subject-matter experts, including moderator Mark Richardson, talk how the remodeling and home improvement industries are fairing in our curent environment, and what the future may hold as we move forward

August 03, 2020
remodeling mastery forum with kermit baker, vince nardo, tony mancini, mark richardson, nima oftadeh, kathleen vamos, chris marentis, dean curtis

Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the business, remodeling sales expert and author Mark Richardson leads an in-depth discussion on the state of both home improvement and remodeling, which are fairing better through the pandemic and economic turmoil than plenty of other industries. Furthermore, leveraging minds from Google, Harvard University, our very own SGC Horizon, and more, the group speculates on what the future may look like for our industries as the country adjusts to the new normals the coronavirus has established. 

You can find access to the full length Remodeling Mastery Forum here

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