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Subflooring that resists bowing and other damages while increasing efficiency

March 28, 2018
advantech subflooring being lain

josh weiner, president of silverliningJosh Wiener

President, Silverlining Inc.

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I’ve worked on high-end renovations and additions for over 30 years, and most of that time was spent using plywood for our subflooring jobs. But with the rise in popularity of OSB, and seeing some of the best contractors using the product, we decided to make the switch over to Huber’s AdvanTech. And we never regretted it.

AdvanTech offers a lot that plywood can’t. The moisture-resistant resin applied to the board protects against humidity and weather changes, which is key in a city like Manhattan that experiences all the seasons (sometimes all in one day). We typically use 99 percent of the AdvanTech we order, compared to 85 percent when we used plywood, because we aren’t seeing the same bowing or damages with this OSB.

The makeup of the board, with strong fastener-holding power and an included fastening guide, lets us create a flatter, more stable surface and give our clients confidence that they won’t be dealing with, say, cans rolling down a sloped kitchen floor once our work is done. The ease of installing AdvanTech has helped us boost our efficiency by at least 15 percent.

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I used Advantech T&G subfloor when I renovated my 117 year old house when I first bought it in 2009. It is very strong, heavier than plywood, really is water resistant (I left a window open and it rained in, had a few puddles, wiped them up, absolutely no swelling). If you glue it down (I did) you need to use a urethane based glue or it won't stick to it. I used PL Premium. Great stuff. My floor is flat - I sistered the joists due to the original floor being severely sloped.

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