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Proposed Robotext Law Could Transform Home Improvement Lead Generation Industry

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Proposed Robotext Law Could Transform Home Improvement Lead Generation Industry

The Federal Communications Commission continues efforts to crack down on lead aggregators

By Drew Barto December 1, 2023
FCC proposes law to combat illegal robotexts
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On November 22, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a proposed order designed to combat illegal texts. If adopted into law as expected, these regulations will have significant implications for the home improvement industry’s lead gen landscape.

The items will be considered at the December 13 Open Commission Meeting.


What's in the Order?

The order addresses four separate items.

First, it would require mobile providers to block all texts from phone numbers identified as having sent illegal texts.

Second, it would codify into law that the National-Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry’s protections extend to text messages.

...there will be a silver lining for home improvement contractors if this proposed law goes into effect.

Third, it would encourage providers to make email-to-text a service that requires consumer opt-in. The FCC states that email-to-text services are major sources of illegal texts.

Finally—and this is the one that could have the biggest impact on home improvement contractors—the order aims to close lead generator loopholes by requiring comparison shopping websites, or lead aggregators, to get consumer consent one seller at a time.

How Will This Affect the Home Improvement Industry?

“The takeaway is that lead aggregators are going to have to start having a much more personal relationship with the contractors they are selling leads to,” says DS Berenson, an attorney who specializes in the home improvement industry.

He adds that “the leads are going to have to be generated with a great deal more specificity as to not only the contractor but also the products and services.”

But Berenson says there will be a silver lining for home improvement contractors if this proposed law goes into effect.

“It’s going to result in a much higher quality lead,” he says.


written by

Drew Barto

Drew Barto is director of home improvement for Pro Remodeler. He most recently served as the Director of Marketing at Energy Swing Windows in Pittsburgh. Contact him at dbarto@sgcmail.com or 412-607-7820.

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  • Submitted by James (not verified) on Tue, 12/05/2023 - 05:56


    Robo text lead generation will hopefully put a dent on predatory "contractors".

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