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Building Envelope: X Marks the Spot, Building Science, Professional Remodeler April 2016

The colored “X’s” in this 3-D view identify thermal shorts (red) and areas—such as framing joints and places where pipes,  wires, or fixtures penetrate walls or travel between floors—where air sealing (purple) and vapor control (yellow) are needed. Image: courtesy Dan Morrison

A simple way to check for continuous air, vapor, thermal, and drainage layers.

There’s a lot of confusion around how to treat the building envelope. Despite everything that’s been written about air sealing, insulation, and...
 Some home improvement contractors, such as System Pavers, are now using drones

Site measurements that used to take landscape designer Garrett Winkler hours to produce are now recorded in a matter of minutes using a drone and specialized software. Photo: courtesy System Pavers   

A drone improves efficiency and accuracy both on site and in the office.

As a landscape designer in the new design-build department at System...
Among architect Doug Walter's Pro's Picks from 2016 IBS/KBIS is Marvin Windows' contemporary awning.

Photo: courtesy Marvin Windows

From stair climbers to quartz counters, these are some of the products that stood out at this year's International Builders' Show.

For more products from the International Builders’ Show, check out a slide show of “10 Winners of NAHB’s Best Products of IBS 2016” at...
Ideas for remodeling a 1990s kitchen.

A desire to update a ’90s kitchen leads to a reconfiguration of the space to better fit the family’s lifestyle

Most homes we work on were built between 1920 and 1960. These houses often lack the amenities our clients are looking for, such as open floor plans,...
To make kitchen cabinet installation easier, follow these steps.

Working in the proper sequence and allowing for humps and dips in floors and out-of-plumb walls are key to a problem-free job

Photos, from video: courtesy Mark IV Builders Hanging cabinets is easy. The tricky part is scoping out the room to make sure everything fits and...
The Kohler Veil toilet offers some high-tech luxury features

Whether it's innovation for the sake of luxury or practicality, these three toilet trends are gaining momentum

Kohler's one-piece Veil toilet also functions as a bidet and includes a warm-air dryer, an automatic air deodorizer, and a seat that’s both heated...
Kohler Veil toilet

Kohler Veil toilet, photo: courtesy Kohler

1 ] Cleanliness is the American Standard Vormax line’s top priority. Each model is...
Modern white kitchen

The National Kitchen & Bath Association has released the results of its 2016 Design Trends Survey, highlighting the latest design trends in kitchens and baths in American homes

More than 450 association members participated in the NKBA's 2016 Design Trends Survey, providing information about materials, products, and design...
Tool review of the DeWalt 20V Max miter saw

DeWalt's latest offering comes in strong with cordless convenience and excellent build quality 

Images: courtesy There are only a few cordless miter saws on the market right now, and the...
Industrial chic and reclaimed materials, such as the Metalli collection by Laminam

Whether it's making use of reclaimed lumber or creating a patina-rich finish, these five products have something unique to offer 

Photo: courtesy Laminam As industrial design and rustic modern aesthetics gain ground in American homes, there are an increasing number of products...
Schluter-Shower System is Chad Hatfield's Pro's Pick for Professional Remodeler, January 2016

Chad Hatfield of Hatfield Builders & Remodelers on why he prefers to use Schluter's Shower System

Chad Hatfield President, Hatfield Builders & Remodelers Plano, Texas   We use the...

The trend for integrated appliances has made installation more complicated and far more exacting 


I work in the Dallas area, and about six years ago, Texas began requiring appliance installers to get licensed. A lot of people hated that and...
2015 Model ReModel by Hatfield Builders & Remodelers in the Dallas metroplex, with ProRemodeler and various sponsors

All project photos (after): Jay Brousseau Studios

A closer look at the kitchen and bath of the 2015 Model ReModel project in Dallas by Hatfield Builders & Remodelers, with Professional Remodeler

It’s been a long and rewarding road. Part pictorial, part how-to journalism, and part reality TV for remodelers, the Model ReModel has tracked a...
The LDT anchor is a high-performance anchor that cuts its own threads into concrete.

The LDT anchor is a high-performance anchor that cuts its own threads into concrete

Attaching steel or wood to concrete is rarely as simple as it ought to be. There are all sorts of fasteners available for the job—lead shield anchors... shows step by step how to build a kitchen toe-kick register deflector

An easy way to redirect air from a duct located under a cabinet

HVAC registers are typically placed on outside walls, often under windows. This is problematic in a kitchen, where cabinets frequently occupy all of...
Seek thermal imager in use

This simple smartphone accessory offers a handy, affordable way to generate thermal images

The Seek Compact imager (the model recommended for indoor use) can display standard and thermal images together on a split screen, which makes it...
Kitchen cabinet trends, Normandy Remodeling

A look at current kitchen cabinet trends that have staying power, and what’s coming for 2016

Photo: courtesy Normandy Remodeling There was broad consensus among our sources—both manufacturers and industry pros—on current and coming cabinetry...
3-D tools to help visualize a bathroom remodel

The clients want to find better use for the vast expanse of space in this large bathroom. 3-D models and color renderings will help them envision the options

Our subject this month is a master bathroom. And oh what a bathroom it is! The existing bath has a separate tub and shower, an enclosed toilet area,...
Using reclaimed brick in the 2015 ModelReModel

Reclaimed bricks’ popularity is growing, and here’s how the ModelReModel is using it

The ModelReModel is an ambitious project created by Professional Remodeler and sponsored by...
PPG fan deck for selecting exterior home colors

There’s a method to selecting exterior colors that dazzle

Looking for the perfect exterior colors for a remodel? No need to look far. When it comes to exterior color choices, the best guidance is closest to...
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