Pro Remodeler's Top 10 Articles of 2017

Dormers, kitchen and bath lighting, and roofing warranties were among the topics most sought after this past year

December 30, 2017
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One of the top stories for 2017 was architect Doug Walter's article on evidence-based kitchen-lighting design. (Photo: Pexels)

As we forge ahead into 2018, Pro Remodeler took a quick look back to see what most sparked reader interest this past year. From ducts that flex, to the craft of crown molding, the following stories were the most popular. We've listed them below, with bathroom lighting taking the top slot.

And, if there's something we missed this past year that you think we should be covering, or there's a tips or how-to story you feel is essential but which we've overlooked, drop us a line or make a note in the comments section below. We're all ears for story ideas we can cover in the coming year.

1. 7 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting — Avoid common bathroom-lighting mistakes by following architect Doug Walter's tips. 

2. 4 Rules for Flexible Ducts — Using flexible ducts saves time, but careless installation can cause performance-related problems that are hard to find and even harder to fix after the drywall goes up. Follow these rules for duct installation best practices.

3. OK, so it's not an actual article, per se, but the Women in Residential Construction conference got continued and heavy traffic. Stay tuned for this annual event in 2018.

4. Recessed Kitchen Lighting Reconsidered — In addition to years of experience, architect Doug Walter conducts some real-world testing to determine best practices for installing recessed lighting in the kitchen, from how much light is needed, to lamp type, to fixture location.  

5. The 2017 Pro Remodeler Forty Under 40 — The 40 Under 40 is Pro Remodeler’s annual look at the remodeling industry’s future—its most innovative, most impressive young professionals. From an army ranger turned remodeler to a glass-ceiling breaker, 2017’s Under-40 class stands out as one of our most inspired yet. 

6. Crown Molding Design Rules — To find the right shapes and proportions, think of the wall section as a classical column. Some essential guidelines on selecting crown molding from contactor Brent Hull.

7. Who Is Liable for Injured Subcontractors? — Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay. And most homeoweners aren't aware that they may be legally responsible for costs associated with an injured sub. 

8. Roofing Warranties: Straightening Out the Confusion — The term "warranty" may be used quite a bit in a roofing sale, but do homeowners actually understand what’s meant by it? 

9. How to Flash a Dormer — This article steps you through best practices for a trouble-free installation, showing how to get the overlaps right at roof-to-wall connections.

10. 5 Ways to Hide a Mini Split — Mini splits are a heating-cooling marvel that work great but don’t always seamlessly fit with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

How to hide a mini split_photo courtesy Hood River reDesign

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