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NARI Announces Departure of CEO

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NARI Announces Departure of CEO

NARI's Board of Directors announces a new CEO search is underway

By Caroline Broderick November 3, 2021
nari ceo

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) announced today the departure of CEO David Pekel.

The organization’s Board of Directors have already begun a new CEO search, using a professional firm to aid the interim and new CEO selections, according to association officials.

“David was instrumental in building a strong core of directors and staff that assembled support programs for chapters and members across the country,” said NARI Board Chair Doug King in the official NARI news release.

Looking toward the future, the association says its focus will be on engaging chapters and members in its “strategic planning process,” as it describes. The planning will include renewed focus on NARI priorities, enhancing members’ businesses through education, marketing, and its accreditation program.

This announcement comes at a time of some dispute between NARI national and local branches. 

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In January this year, 15 NARI chapters sent NARI national a letter of “concerns” outlining issues with rising association dues and a lack of transparency. Since then, six NARI chapters have severed ties with the organization and formed a new industry association, PRO.

“This happened under [Pekel’s] watch and him leaving opens the door to making amends and possibly rebuilding relationships with those folks who left the organization,” says Michael Anschel of Otogawa-Anschel Design + Build, an active NARI Minnesota member and upcoming local board member. 

Members are encouraged to contact NARI COO Elsie Iturralde for correspondence intended for the CEO. Despite this change, NARI ensures the same programs and operations will occur as intended in the association’s 2021-2022 work plan.


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