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Joshua Dean

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Joshua Dean

April 13, 2022


Precision HomeCrafters, Birmingham, Ala.

2021 Revenue: $1.3 million

Best innovation: I have an architect buddy named Ben Strout and we’ve been working on a method of building a second floor addition with minimal disruption to the homeowners. It’s called AnotherStory, and Ben has patents pending on the concept and brackets. The concept is a building product (Level-Up Jacks) and a specific design approach. It can work for a lot of homes, but it necessitates gables and strategic placement of loads.

Essentially, we install the jacks and fit them with plumbing boots so that they’re waterproof but we are afforded points where we can place the loads when constructing the perimeter beams and framing the exterior structure. So we can then frame the new roof while the existing roof is still there. Once the new structure is framed, we install the new roof decking, waterproof it, and when that is all water-tight, we utilize a window opening to demo the existing roof. We throw debris out the window and into a dumpster.

With AnotherStory, we can take your 1940s 3:2 and turn it into a 6:4 if you want. And you don’t have to live with your in-laws for six months while we do it. Our plan is to refine the process and when we feel like we have the system down pat, we’ll take it to other markets. 

Business book recommendation:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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