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Jonathan J. Janacek

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Jonathan J. Janacek

April 14, 2022

VP of Operations

Janacek Remodeling

Rogers, Ark.

Early on in life, I realized technology was something I enjoyed doing. As our company grew, I wanted to help it move forward, and you can’t do that unless you implement technology.

Best innovation: We needed a better way to track our employees’ time than paper timesheets, so we started looking for software that met our needs. Everything felt like it was lacking, but after visiting with some programming buddies, they told me I could build my own. It took me a year and a half to develop it, with six of those months used for beta testing. It has transformed the way we did our bookkeeping, and we figured out that it would save four to five hours a week to digitize everything.

Business book recommendation:

The Dichotomy of Leadership

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