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September 2017

September 14, 2017


From tracking time to organizing jobs to finding inspiration, these apps belong in your digital toolbox

How to spot the telltale signs that a client is going to cause trouble 

Risk expert says stronger building codes and practices needed

Using legislation to help ease the skilled labor shortage

Facebook is rolling out two updates, and remodelers should take note

As the country gets greener, this product keeps gaining fans

Sustainability is the driving force behind this versatile modular cabinet line

A tracking system for, well, pretty much anything

Drones have become an important sales and marketing tool for exterior remodelers with new uses for the technology just around the corner

Use wide tape to span the many layers in a thick wall for an air- and water-tight seal

Combine step flashing on the roof with through-wall flashing at the masonry

The past year's best ideas in design, skillfully crafted

Three remodelers' views on 3-D

FastenMaster's LOK screws are good for a lot more than you probably think 

You know a product's good when you wish you would've started using it a long time ago

What to do when you hear those words from a homeowner

When a stone of innovation hits calm water, the ripples can be hard to predict

The do-it-for-me generation values a business model that’s different from the way remodelers have always done it

Nine incorrect principles often held by less successful company owners

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