PR October 2000

August 16, 2010


Remodelers who use modern construction practices for historic restoration projects can do more harm than good.

Unusual flapper and geometric knobs bring a taste of the "Roaring Twenties" to any high-end kitchen.

Since winning the National Remodeling Quality Award five years ago, Neil Kelly in Portland, Ore., has been listed as one of the best companies to work for in Oregon and has been given a local Better Business Bureau award.

Two new versions of an industry leading book can help builders and remodelers reinforce their warranty programs.

The Bainbridge Crew of Charlotte, N.C., earned $7 million last year and plans to surpass that amount in 2000.

Since the premiere of 'This Old House' on public television in 1978, American television viewers can’t seem to get their fill of shows about the structures we live in and call home.

Communication between remodeler and customer is made easy with Dear Homeowner: A Book of Customer Service Letters, by Carol Smith.

Dale Crisp, owner of Kendale Inc., has no shortage of great ideas for small ways to improve his remodeling business -- his employees provide them.

The U.S. Census Bureau has made substantial upward revisions dating back to 1984 to its C-50 data series, Expenditures for Improvements and Repairs of Residential Properties.

Today’s consumers undertaking remodeling projects are relying primarily on the advice of a friend, relative or neighbor in their search for a contractor.

For quick answers to tax questions, the IRS offers online advice targeted to smaller businesses.

Green building is reaching into the heart of America. In an amazingly short time, the American consumer has become increasingly aware of green building and its inherent benefits.

What is it about the $140 billion-a-year remodeling industry that keeps it from being acknowledged as a premier business?

More than a construction project, Model reMODEL 2000 demonstrates the best in the remodeling industry through meaningful partnerships and remodeling expertise.

Seniors’ housing is a hot business. The building industry relies on changing needs to create demand.

Bolder colors, distinctive wood species and more design options add to timeless appeal.

n late July, the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed what many remodelers had already suspected—that the remodeling market is much larger than previous statistical research suggested.

Two new versions of an industry leading book can help builders and remodelers reinforce their warranty programs.

Do-It-Yourself system offers quick and easy installation of glass block.

Consumers turn to the Internet every day to research and gather more and more information.

New green color joins selection of acrylic block window colors.

Chuck Russell secures success for his company by developing a business plan in-house.

MMS Moisture Measurement System incorporates pin type, non-invasive and Thermo-hygrometers in one easy to use instrument.

Jack Philbin, CR and president of Philbin Construction & Remodeling purchases about $6,000 in tools each year.

Trickle ventilators improve indoor air quality and help fulfill new building codes requiring passive ventilation.

David Foster takes a business solution a step further, creating a remodeler-specific software package.

Improved bit design provides up to 27 percent greater drilling speeds.

A hot market causes trade contractor problems for a Houston remodeler, but he saves the project and betters the company’s systems as a result.

DuraGuard coil guard withstands damage from inclement weather and incidental hits.

Remodelers who understand remodeling quality know that it’s much more than excellence in construction.

VersaCAD 2000 for Windows utilizes intuitive, straightforward interface and features resulting in quick production drawings.

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