Nov/Dec 2021

December 13, 2021


This Pro's Pick saves on labor, time, and cost—for both pros and homeowners.

This Pro's Pick highlights a new tool that brings enhanced power and time saving capabilities.

From design to collaboration to speed-to-lead, these are the tools remodelers are using today.

How a local cabinet refacing business became a cutting-edge $100 million enterprise

Preservation has been The New American Remodel 2022's North Star, as well as what makes it radically different from recent years.

With the purchase of Universal, Great Day becomes one of the nation's top home improvement companies in terms of sales.

See how the owners of Synergy Design & Construction created a custom space with clever innovations.

Step-by-step instructions for calculating rise and run, and laying out and installing stair stringers. 

Supply chain issues are slowing delivery of key building materials and increasing costs.

The 2022 event covers all things construction with innovative new products, classes, networking, and entertainment. The International Builders' Show will be held Feb. 8-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. 

Use these examples to learn better time management in meetings.

The problem with hoping to break even with a meager profit percentage is that it sets precedence. There’s no goal in mind, so there will be no goal to drive a team toward.

Sixty-five percent of men say they are the primary decision-maker in a remodeling project. What do you think the number is for women?

The benefits of joining Remodeling Mastery Forums are endless.

If we take the total revenue for the company and divide it by the total number of billable hours, we can begin to quantify the “contribution rate” of hourly staff.

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