Insulation & Air Sealing

ProPink EcoTouch is GreenGuard Gold-certified for indoor air quality, contributing to numerous green certifications.

This closed-cell spray foam insulation product from Icynene is a 100-percent water-blown insulation.

Two foil facers sit around a uniform, closed-cell, polyisocyanurate foam core that provides protection against thermal bridging and water, vapor, and air infiltration.

The transition membrane is compatible with all StoGuard vapor-permeable and vapor-impermeable membranes.

With the full lineup, homeowners can protect their entire house from moisture damage from the basement to the roof.

All boards are manufactured without CFCs or HCFCs, giving them zero ozone-depletion potential and making them environmentally friendly.

As homeowners look to do fall home improvement projects ahead of winter, now is the perfect time to encourage your customers to create a tightly air-sealed and insulated home.

With energy prices increasing across every sector with no immediate relief in sight, consumers are expected to pay more to keep their homes comfortable.

CertainTeed becomes one of the first insulation manufacturers to provide third-party verification of its product's environmental performance from manufacturing to end-of-life impact.

SPF is field-applied by sub-contractors using a specialized proportioner to mix

SPF is field-applied by sub-contractors using a specialized proportioner to mix the two liquids. Photo: Spray Foam Coalition

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?s Energy Star program, air leaks account for 25 to 40 percent of the energy used to heat and cool a typical residence. Insulating and air sealing with SPF can dramatically reduce a home?s energy use, which in turn lowers its carbon footprint.

“It’s changing now, in the past, there was zero education on housewraps,” says B

“It’s changing now, in the past, there was zero education on housewraps,” says Brian Kirn, marketing manager for CertainTeed.

Advancements in weather-resistant barriers keep things tight yet ventilated to save energy.

Our first hurdles were the insulation listings and specs submitted by the architect to the planners. With the help of our cellulose manufacturer, we were able to locate listings that would satisfy every wall assembly except the floors.

This EPS architectural-grade insulation offers superior moisture resistance to XPS products, is available in greater thicknesses, and offers comparable compressive strength.

The three pieces of the StoGuard assembly work together to form a waterproof air barrier during wall construction.

Knauf’s new system combines its EcoSeal water-based elastomeric sealant with either its EcoBatt or Jet Stream Ultra Premium Blowing Insulation.

This chemically cured insulation system provides a continuous air barrier that completes the building envelope for excellent insulation.

This line of Styrofoam brand rigid insulation products from Dow helps regulate the flow of air and moisture in and out of the house.

Touch ‘n Seal’s new Class 1 Fire Retardant Spray Foam is both thermal insulating and sound attenuating.

Progressive Foam Technologies has announced three new lines of house siding insulation

Mr. Insulate Cotton Armor from Applegate Insulation is produced from 85 percent recycled denim and cotton fibers

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