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Forty Under 40: Jessica Altman, Hatchett Design/Remodel

A keen eye for K&B design marries practical with beautiful to ensure client satisfaction and long-term staying power of design solutions

April 05, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Hatchett Design/Remodel, Virginia Beach, Va.

30 employees

Best Practice: Altman stands out as a designer who not only strives to make things beautiful and elegant but functional as well, creating spaces with long-term purpose and diverse functionality in mind. While she’s expert at designing both kitchens and baths, it’s kitchen design and planning where Altman truly shines, and she’s been recognized with several awards from local remodeling organizations. One success story that exemplifies her ability to deliver a stylish solution while satisfying a variety of practical needs involved a kitchen remodel for a wheelchair-bound client who was in love with Hawaii and wanted to bring an island feel to the home. In addition, the kitchen was actively used by several generations ranging in age from 2 to 60 years old. Altman embraced the challenge, creating a beachy design that provides all the functionality the family requires now and for years to come. Altman also makes a point of mentoring Hatchett Design/Remodel’s young designers to build their confidence and skill.

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