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Emily DeMarco

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Emily DeMarco

April 14, 2022

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Bellweather Design-Build


Best innovation: We use HubSpot for our CRM, and I wanted to automate touchpoints to improve the client experience and increase engagement with sales but keep it feeling personal. One example is when a lead comes to the website, there’s a menu that says, “What’s your project type?” and “What’s your budget range?” A smaller number gets routed to a newer salesperson while bigger jobs go to someone more experienced. The homeowner then gets an email thanking them for their interest, and another one 90 minutes later from the salesperson saying, “I’m looking over your notes now and will be in touch.”

It’s automated, but it looks like the salesperson is reviewing the notes. You would be so surprised how many people respond to the automated email thinking it’s the salesperson, and that’s how you know you’re doing a good job. Then the salesperson calls in two or three hours.

Business podcast recommendation:

The Side Hustle Show

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