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SawStop Patent Victory 

The ITC rules on Bosch Reaxx vs. SawStop

March 14, 2017
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On Jan. 27, the International Trade Commission (ITC) ordered U.S. Customs to exclude Bosch Reaxx table saws and their cartridges from entering the U.S. The ruling came after an ITC investigation into whether Bosch’s sale of its flesh-sensing table saw, the Reaxx, violates an existing patent held by SawStop. The patent-infringement suit by SawStop against Bosch began in July 2015, claiming that when Bosch introduced the Reaxx, it violated SawStop’s patent on the flesh-sensing technology


Personally I find this technology a great thing. The only problem is that the price is out of reach for those of us who love to work with wood but really don't have the funds to purchase it. It would be great if there was a little more competition in this market to possibly bring the price down to within reach of us average folks and not just the big contractor. As for law suits I think the guy in Florida should have to give his settlement back to Ryobi since there's no possible way that Ryobi could ever sell a saw like this in the United States because of patent infringement.

The maker of Sawstop is a patent troll and should be held responsible for any injuries attributed to a saw maker not producing a flesh sensing saw. He has patents not linked to his product in order to thwart any and all competition. I wouldn't give this despicable cornholer one cent of my money.

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