5 Themes for Mastering Remodeling Sales

"Get out of this notion that sales isn't a respectable thing. Those in sales do the best out there in terms of what they can accomplish."

April 26, 2022
Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson


No project or design is completed unless it’s sold first, says Remodeling Mastery host Mark Richardson.

Coming from architecture education, Richardson quickly realized his work would remain ideas unless he mastered sales. And the first step was realizing he wasn’t in architecture, he was in sales.

In the latest episode of Remodeling Mastery, Richardson begins a three-part series all about sales.

“My goal, more than anything, with this podcast series on sales mastery is number one: to get you to think,” says Richardson. “You do this every single day, the question is, how often do you think about what you’re doing rather than just do? Second: I’m going to try to give you techniques and ideas to help you increase your close rate, increase your sales.”

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About the Author

About the Author

Mark Richardson, CR, is an author, columnist, and business growth strategist. He authored the best-selling book, How Fit Is Your Business? as well as his latest book, Fit to Grow. He can be reached at mrichardson@mgrichardson.com(link sends e-mail) or 301.275.0208.

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