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Tool Review: TracRac SR Sliding Truck Rack

Combining lightweight powder-coated aluminum construction with a track system that lets you slide and reposition the twin racks, adds to the ease and convenience of the TracRac SR 

May 15, 2016
TracRac SR truck accessory

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TracRac SR specsThe TracRac SR is a second-generation product that combines lightweight powder-coated aluminum construction with a track system that lets you slide and reposition the twin racks forward and back as needed. On our 5.5-foot pickup bed [above], this handy feature turned out to be long enough to transport full sheets of plywood and a 12-foot-long Werner podium ladder. 

The rails come in several lengths, depending on the size of your truck, and are secured to the truck's stake pockets using bolts, brass nuts, and square rubber expansion blocks. Our cab-side stake pockets were covered by the plastic bed rail cover, so we used a Hidden Pocket Router from BullRing to cut out a hole. 

The sliding racks use nylon inserts to help them glide along the aluminum [2]. Small Allen stop screws affixed to the front and rear ends of the side rails ensure the racks don’t slide off the rails. The TracRac SR can carry up to 1,250 pounds on its two crossbars, which are equipped with aluminum load stops to prevent loads from sliding horizontally and to help with tying down the load [3]. I recommend at least one ratchet strap to help eliminate forward and reverse movement during braking or acceleration. Most of the adjustments for the TracRac SR are made via knobs, including adjustments to the load stops.

Almost as soon as the TracRac SR sliding truck rack was installed, we made use of it. Our first task was transporting some plywood, and we were able to easily load full ¾-inch sheets onto the rack. Trying to get this into our short-bed is doable, but with a tonneau cover, having the ladder rack is much more convenient. We also transported a Werner 10-foot podium ladder, which is the size of a 12-foot step ladder. I loved how easy it was to independently secure the crossbar tie-downs to brace both the front and rear of the ladder, which differ in width.

TracRac SR sliding truck rack


Excerpted from a review by Clint DeBoer, one of the founders of, which publishes hundreds of tool reviews, product previews, and tool-related articles every year. The site's annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognize the year’s most innovative tools, accessories, and fasteners.

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