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Straight Edges, Soft Curves

2016 Gold Design Award Winner: Bathroom $30,000 to $60,000

September 02, 2016

Photos: Matt Whitmeyer

Bright Ideas by Martinec, Big Flats, N.Y.

In a nutshell: Although the clients had a basic ’70s ranch house, their design sense was more Danish modern, and they wanted to combine the master and guest bathrooms into a single, larger space with clean lines and plenty of storage space. 

Solutions: The overall concept was for an angular aesthetic with a crisp, structured look. Designer Christine Deragon designed a custom vanity, which was then built in separate sections by a local cabinet company. “It was a bit challenging,” she says. “I wanted every drawer to work—including the ones right under the sink.” On the opposite wall, a series of cantilevered floating shelves mimic the vanity’s asymmetry. 

But the clients wanted more than just clarity and angularity, they also wanted their bathroom to be a serene environment. With that in mind, Deragon added several design elements to soften the space. The toilet and faucets feature pleasing curves, and the hue of the Corian countertop suggests watery undertones. A muted green wallpaper was chosen for the walls opposite the vanity, and its soothing pattern is reflected in the mirror above the sink. On the other wall, a striated tile relaxes the eye and contributes to the room’s overall sense of calm. The whole space is only about 11 by 11 feet, but the way all the elements came together makes it feel larger, Deragon says. 

Tips & tricks: The clean, straight lines of the design continue in the shower, but are softened by the continuation of the wavy patterned tile on the back wall. Since the master bath serves as the guest bathroom, the couple wanted the glass-door shower to feel a bit more secluded, which Deragon accomplished by introducing a tiled column to the space. Unlike a solid wall, the column provides some privacy for the shower yet maintains a degree of visual connection and spatial flow with the rest of the room.  

“We work with a lot of Baby Boomers,” Deragon says.  “They want function as well as good design. Too often, you see a McMansion where someone’s decided, ‘This is what should be in the house’ rather than tailoring the home to the needs of the people who are living there.”

To ensure smooth execution and great craftsmanship, Bright Ideas by Martinec has a full staff of carpenters who help with project management and quality control.

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About the Author

About the Author

Erika Mosse is the director of content for Professional Remodeler. Contact her at emosse@sgcmail.com or 972.803.4014.

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