The rise of instructional content on YouTube and Instagram and what the people producing it (and watching it) think you should know. 

Construction work is dangerous and the costs of injury are high, both on a personal level and a business level.

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition asked OSHA to address its list of concerns before proceeding.

The V-Gard Green meets the same performance standards as its other protective hard hats and will be marked with a recycling label.

New survey by MySafetySign reveals workplace problems.

The coalition seeks to foster reasonable solutions and is not taking a stance that is against protection of worker health.

The system incorporates a pneumatic air hose within the fall-arrest system’s lifeline to eliminate the presence of the air hose in addition to a lifeline beneath their feet.

The Remodeler’s Exchange examines a variety of topics on the subject of lead paint. Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz talks with William Shaw and George “Geep” Moore.

Fall protection is the most frequently cited standard in fiscal year 2013.

Fall protection and hazard communication are the most frequently cited standards for fiscal year 2013.

This month, the Remodeler?s Exchange focuses on how to handle the ever-changing construction regulations enforced by our national and local governments. Professional Remodeler?s Tom Swartz spoke with Bob Hanbury and Mike Nagel about how they manage regulations in their firms.

Advances in wet cutting and stone industry education have positively aided OSHA

Advances in wet cutting and stone industry education have positively aided OSHA in the effort to curb silica exposure.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show a greater than 90 percent reduction in the silicosis mortality rate from 1968 to 2010. It is doubtful that a further reduction of the allowable exposure limits will impact those numbers.

David Mahler, president of Koncepts Construction Corp., a home improvement contracting firm based in Bellmore, N.Y. contacted Professional Remodeler to provide a first-person account as both a remodeler and a resident rebuilding his home after Hurricane Sandy. According to Mahler, only now are rebuilding efforts starting to gain traction.

Of the $1.83 billion in federal recovery aid for New Jersey, half will be spent to assist homeowners and business owners whose properties were damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Nearly 20 percent of contractors working in three New Jersey counties on repairs to damage caused by superstorm Sandy are not registered with the state, according to inspectors from the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs.

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