Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay

Most consumers assume that their glazed windows and doors meet safety standards, but that’s often not the case

The ITC rules on Bosch Reaxx vs. SawStop


Photo: courtesy Erika Taylor

Determination not yet binding; ITC decision due in January

OSHA's reduced limits for jobsite exposure to crystalline silica is expressed in micrograms per cubic meter. Here's some math to make those numbers more meaningful

Worker with respirator sawing drywall

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Here's what you need to do to comply with OSHA's final rule on respirable crystalline silica

Plaster demolition worker

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It’s time remodelers adopted these commonsense measures to protect workers and homeowners from jobsite dust

SawStop saw blade, Photo: courtesy SawStop

Photo: courtesy SawStop

The maker of flesh-sensing blade brake technology on saws will continue its lawsuit accusing other saw makers of conspiring to boycott its innovation

Illustration: / Alila Medical Media

Illustration: / Alila Medical Media

The respiratory tract is protected by mechanisms that work to keep our airways and lungs relatively clean

Worker with dust in the air on a jobsite. Photo: courtesy ITW

Photo: courtesy ITW

Dust isn’t just a nuisance byproduct of remodeling; it’s nasty stuff that’s bad for employees, bad for subs, bad for clients—and bad for business

What to do when a jobsite accident occurs.

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You just got a phone call. What you hoped would never happen has happened. Now what do you do?

Safety harness symbol

Accidents like this one are a primary reason OSHA is tightening up safety enforcement at residential jobsites

Table saw lawsuit outcome important for increased implementation of flesh-sensing technology.

Appeals court upholds ruling against table saw manufacturer in accident case

Caution sign with drunk person

Studies show that substance abuse is higher in construction than in almost any other industry. That's one more reason why every company should have a policy.

Here are some tips on what to do immediately after a table saw injury, just in case.

A Question of Liability: Table Saws in the Courtroom

Court battles for table-saw related issues, such as flesh-sensor patents and lawsuits by injured table saw users, have been subject of legal controversy.

A Clean Cut: A Look Into Surgery for Table-Saw Related Injuries

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Fingers reattached at a good facility are 80 to 90 percent successful, but that doesn’t include all of the people who are not candidates for the surgery.

The Cutting Edge: A Look at Flesh-Sensing Technology in Remodeling

What is flesh-sensing technology, how does it work, and will it become the new standard for power tools?

Construction jobsite safety


What happens if there’s a fatal accident on one of your jobsites?

RIP Freddie Gray flyer

Freddie Gray was poor and black and lead-poisoned. The combination proved deadly.

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