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Reaxx vs. Sawstop

A head-to-head comparison of the only two flesh-sensing jobsite table saws on the market

October 28, 2016
react v sawstop

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SawStop is known for bringing flesh-sensing technology to the market, and early in 2015, the company introduced a portable table saw for jobsites. Later that year, Bosch introduced the Reaxx table saw with its own competing flesh-sensing technology. Here, we do a head-to-head comparison of the latest models (Bosch 1041A versus SawStop JSS-MCA) and even throw in some references to the tried-and-true Bosch 4100-09 table saw, which set the platform upon which the Reaxx saw was developed. 

Rip Capacity and Outfeed

The Reaxx table saw has a rip capacity of 25 inches. To adjust it, simply lift a red release lever on the front of the table, slide the fence out to the right, then lock the lever back down. The dual scale on the fence covers both positions so you can continue to make accurate cuts. Material support is provided by a part of the table that moves with the fence.

The SawStop has a slightly larger rip capacity of 25.5 inches and is equally easy to adjust.

On the Reaxx, a movable outfeed adds 18 inches of support off the back of the saw, a feature also available as an attachment on the Bosch 4100 saw, but not on SawStop's jobsite model.

Advantage: Bosch Reaxx (slightly)

Flesh Detection

This is where blade meets finger—or not. We tested both the SawStop and the Reaxx table saws to see how well their flesh-detection technology works, taking precautions to minimize potential injury just in case the blade-stop technology failed (it didn’t). We don't recommend anyone trying to duplicate our tests—it’s OK to trust electronics to protect you, but why push your luck. 

This is an excerpt from a much longer article. Read the full-length original story at

To listen to Kenny Koehler and Clint DeBoer talk about these test results, watch the video: "Tailgate Talk Reaxx vs. Sawstop."

About the Author

Clint DeBoer is founding editor of, a website devoted to previews and reviews of tools, building products, and materials. Kenny Koehler is managing editor of the site, a frequent reviewer, and owner of the hands that tested the safety features on these saws.



I have been working full time in a production shop in '71 (where the average number of remaining digits on the 30+ employees was something like 7 1/2 finger/thumbs) ; then starting as carpenter's helper in '73 and now still working in my own residential design/build business from 1980 ---I am 65+. I have all of my digits and it is FINALLY ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME THAT WE HAVE 2 MAJOR TOOL BUILDERS INVOLVED IN OUR SAFETY!!!!!! This is HUGE. And this has been done without those nascent so-called stewards of our work safety--OSHA, et. al.-- and any other agency. I say Bravo and Hooray to both Bosch and SawStop for their integrity and bravery to go against the grain in a world of ever cheapening and throw-away tools. Every single carpenter/builder/mill-work specialist can be proud that the tool companies finally care about our safety!
Ed Latson----and proud to be a carpenter/builder

You guys are awesome. I have seen anyone test these saws with live human fingers.
[Stumpy] Kenny deserves kudos.

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