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Pro's Picks: PPG Night Watch

"The versatility of Night Watch is really what drew me in."

March 28, 2019
remodelers will like ppg's night watch color of the year

Leanne Ford

Interior Designer, Leanne Ford Interiors 

Pittsburgh, Penn.



As many people know, I’m a big fan of white paint, but I recently decided to use PPG’s 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch, in my sister’s dining room. I wanted the room to feel moody and rich, and Night Watch got me there. It’s a luxurious and classic shade of green, and paired with white trim (I couldn’t completely forgo my signature color), primitive wood tables, and brass accents, Night Watch put the finishing touch on the sophisticated yet cozy space.

Paint is my secret weapon and best design tool, because it brings so much to a space without skyrocketing the budget or complicating the design. The versatility of Night Watch is really what drew me in. It’s perfect to pair with wood tones and textures, and it gives homeowners a nice alternative to the trending black or deepest blue-black for exterior projects. I particularly enjoy using it as an accent on doors and shutters, or to create a focal accent wall in an interior space.

My crew and painters also like Night Watch because it’s part of PPG’s Timeless collection of paints. The team and I agree that Timeless paints are much smoother, easier to work with, and go on cleaner and faster than traditional paint products. And if the contractors are happy, that makes me happy. 

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