Pro's Pick: Mastic Structure Home Insulation System

This siding product goes beyond traditional vinyl siding to offer far more, says Robert Smith of Maintenance Free Exteriors

December 13, 2015
Mastic insulated siding

Robert Smith headshotRobert Smith

Owner, Maintenance Free ExteriorsDallas


I really like this siding. 

Unlike traditional vinyl siding, this has more of a Craftsman look. A nice feature about it is the expanded polystyrene foam backing, which insulates, giving you an R-value of 3 on the house. Unlike the old vinyl siding, the new resins and the polymers allow us to offer many more colors than were available in the past—some of the darker reds, browns, tans, and so forth. And the color runs through the panel, so if you scratch it, the color isn’t affected. The siding comes in a lot of different sizes and styles as well. 

Also, some of the new PVC trim from Ply Gem lets us offer a complete Craftsman-type look with a 1x6 and a 1x4 with a pocket built in to eliminate J-channels on the outside corners and around the windows of the house.

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