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Pro's Pick: Intex Hampton Extruded Rail System

Fred Home Improvement's senior remodeling consultant Steve Todd on why Intex's product is his preferred railing system

May 14, 2016
Intex Hampton extruded PVC railing system

Photo: courtesy schedulefred.com

Steve Todd of Fred Home ImprovementSteve Todd, senior remodeling consultant

Fred Home Improvement

Washington, D.C., metro area



Hampton Extruded Rail System from Intex Millwork Solutions

The role of the remodeling consultants at Fred Home Improvement is to help identify solutions to client problems. For several years now, Intex has been helping us respond to the challenge of offering clients a durable low-maintenance deck railing with a look more like wood. The sheen of the finish on Intex’s extruded rail system is a real standout. Most vinyl or PVC railings appear shiny, but Intex’s product offers a soft matte finish that more closely replicates a nicely painted wood railing and “feels” more like a high-quality product. (The company also offers a couple of other cellular PVC railing lines, Dartmouth and Nautilus, each with different features and options.)

We first found out about the Hampton cellular PVC railing system through research and some input from our supplier, TW Perry Building Supply, and we now use it for most of our exterior railings on decks, porches, and balconies. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this railing goes great with all composite decking products. If the decking is going to be wood, then we still typically install wood railings.

But aside from aesthetics, we find that Intex’s product offers a performance advantage as well. The railing system kit is simple to install, so you can quickly grasp how the assembly is done, which has helped to speed up production. The railing system also offers clean lines and connections. The aluminum core is sturdy and rigid, and as far as the fasteners go, the brackets are aluminum and are hidden upon assembly, giving you a nice, uncluttered look. The top cap is offered in two profiles, so it’s versatile as well. This creates options to blend with the architectural features of most homes.

Intex Hampton PVC railing system used by Fred Home ImprovementPhoto: courtesy schedulefred.com


Steve Todd is a senior remodeling consultant at Fred Home Improvement, in the Washington, D.C., area. The company focuses on home improvement services.

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We are having a deck put on and the carpenter recommended this product and I agree, it looks so much better than the high gloss rails. However, we want the top and bottom rails to be black, with black round balusters (the white 5" columns will stay white).

The product says it can be painted but I am wondering what paint you would recommend and if you think it will wear well. I am not opposed to painting the product, as other products fade with time and cannot be painted. So even if the black paint color fades, I can repaint it in the future.

I just want to invest in a good solid rail system and if painting this system black is a legitimate option, then that's what I'd rather do then select another, less appealing product in black.

thanks for you help!

Probably too late, but Never paint pvc a dark color if it will have any exposure to sunlight. The paint you DO choose must have a light reflective value of >55. This is clearly stated by Intex. This has more to do with color than any actual additives to the paint. Your contractor should have steered you away from pvc for anything you want to paint dark colrs, especially black. I have seen far too much pvc distort severely when painted too dark. Again, your contractor should know of this drawback to ALL PVC building products.

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