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Pro's Pick: Improve Sales with RillaVoice AI Speech Analytics Tool

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Sales — Home Improvement

Pro's Pick: Improve Sales with RillaVoice AI Speech Analytics Tool

This Pro’s Pick allows home improvement sales managers to conduct virtual ride-alongs with sales reps

By Ian Foltz March 14, 2023
RillaVoice App

Ian Foltz

Ian Foltz
Vice President
American Remodeling Enterprises
& Epoxy Floor Experts
Schuylkill Haven, Penn.

I would recommend the Rilla app to all sales managers and home improvement professionals. It allows you to do a virtual ride-along with your sales reps by recording the entire sales presentation. You can hear the back-and-forth dialogue between homeowners and your salespersons for the entirety of sales demonstrations.

I have over 20 salespeople who report to me. I can't possibly ride along on every lead with them and help troubleshoot their demo delivery or adequately address a decline in their closing percentages. But with Rilla, I can listen to the recorded sales presentations every evening–or at any time I want to–and review every step of their process. This enables me to note things that my salesmen could have done better and quickly provide them with feedback.

Plus, Rilla allows you to upload your sales demonstration. If a salesman strays from it, you can get an automatic alert in real-time on your phone. You can listen to it and know that your process isn't being followed. This is all controlled by AI voice recognition technology.

A lot of companies continue to operate in an antiquated fashion. Many still have their weekly sales meetings or conference calls to discuss issues that occurred over the past week. I have those meetings every day after listening to the sales presentation recordings on the Rilla app. But only when I need to address an issue with an individual. This allows our sales team to run more leads every day because I don't need to bring everybody in to have a sales meeting on a daily or weekly basis.

Rilla has helped us maintain a high closing percentage because we can do quality assurance checks with our sales reps every single day.

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