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October 31, 2008

Solace windows by Owens Corning

More than insulation

The new Solace windows by Owens Corning combine the strength of a fiberglass-reinforced vinyl window with the company's famous Pink insulation. The windows have a larger viewing area than typical replacements and have a design pressure structural rating of 60. Designer glass, between-the-glass blinds and SDLs are available, too.

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WhisperWarm FV-11VHL2

Did you hear that?

Made under the WhisperWarm line, the FV-11VHL2 is available with a compact fluorescent light and night light feature. Both Panasonic models feature a new grille design. And these things are quiet beyond compare as they operate at sone levels of 0.6 for FV-11VH2 and 0.7 for the FV-11VHL2 which is comparable to the sound of a rustling shrub.

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Dynaflex 3.0 all-purpose sealant

Super quick

DAP Products' Dynaflex 3.0 is an advanced all-purpose sealant specially formulated with the company's Kwik Dry Technology, allowing it to be exposed to water and moisture after only three hours, without washing out. The sealant works great on windows, door frames and other projects both indoors and outdoors.

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Metallaire decorative metal ceiling and backsplash

Make a splash

Armstrong's new Metallaire line features 12 styles of decorative metal ceiling tiles, including small panels, fans and other designs. Metallaire also has stainless steel back-splash tiles for kitchens. The other products are offered in five finishes, including copper, chrome and paintable white.

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Water Table by Intex Millwork

A different kind of table

The Water Table, first made by Koma partner Intex Millwork, is a flat board with an integral 15-degree water shed (1¾-inch projection), that makes installation faster. These fabricated boards are manufactured using a mitre fold and weld technique, which creates a stiff board that installs easily and flat. It comes in two widths and is shipped in a two-board shrink-wrapped pack.

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Therma-Tru's Same-Day Stain

Done in a day

Dry time is cut in half with Therma-Tru's Same-Day Stain. The stain was developed for fiberglass doors and comes in seven colors. The stain can be applied in the morning to be ready for a topcoat application by afternoon. The easy-to-apply stain can be rubbed on and blended with a cloth to bring out the grain and texture of the door.

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A.E.R.T.'s Rainforest Collection of railings

Not really rainforest wood

Designed with the same performance characteristics as the company's decking product, A.E.R.T.'s Rainforest Collection railing simulates the look of rainforest hardwoods. The railings are made from recovered wood fibers mixed with recycled polyethylene plastic. They will be available in two colors, terracotta and desert sand.

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Dwyer Temp Kitchen

What's for supper?

When you're tearing a kitchen apart your customers can't exactly use it, can they? You can put an end to that with the Dwyer Temp Kitchen. The kitchen unit allows the preparation of simple meals and snacks and offers ample storage for food and utensils. It also sports a fully functional dishwasher with easy to use plumbing hookups, and only one 15-amp circuit is needed to run it.

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Wayne Dalton thermostat

Ride the wave

You hear Wayne-Dalton and you think garage, doors right? Now you can think of thermostats. The Wayne-Dalton thermostat allows homeowners to manage their heating and cooling needs with the push of a button. Temperature control can be accessed through front-panel buttons on the unit itself or remotely from any Z-Wave-enabled remote control, computer or cell phone.

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On-Q's Studio Collection Unity Home System

Right on cue

The newest addition to On-Q's Studio Collection is the Unity Home System. It combines multi-room audio, intercom and camera into one integrated home system that's easily controlled via an attractive user interface. The display works like a cell phone or iPod, with simple, menu-driven navigation.

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Pay tribute

Tributaries' Model HDA140 distribution amplifier

You can add a new one to Tributaries' family of whole-house A/V hardware solutions. The new Model HDA140 is a one-in/four-out HDMI distribution amplifier that allows a single source to simultaneously supply video and digital audio to as many as four rooms, zones, systems or screens, each as far away as 100 feet.

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ControlThink's ThinkEssentials v2.1 Professional Edition installer tool

Essentially yours

ControlThink's ThinkEssentials v2.1 Professional Edition is a great installer tool for Z-Wave enabled homes. The new version adds advanced diagnostics features for Z-Wave networks and configuration tools for Vizia RF and Vizia RF + devices. ThinkEssentials lets you integrate Vizia RF + devices into HAI, Crestron and other third-party systems.

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Pantel's Mirror TV line

See yourself on TV

You'll get a high-definition and highly capable TV and a mirror in one with Pantel's 20-, 32- and 42-inch Mirror TV line. Completely weatherproof, they are perfect for certain areas outdoors or in the bathroom over a tub or in the shower. When it's not in use it acts like a mirror.

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Honeywell's Energy Internet Connection Module

Know what you use

Honeywell recently introduced the Energy Internet Connection Module (ICM), a device designed to help homeowners conserve energy use by managing their consumption online. Customers log into the company's secure Web site and can view energy expenses from HVAC systems. The system works with the company's VisionPRO IAQand FocusPRO thermostats; however, other thermostats can be used as well.

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Distributed evenly

Sony's CAV-CVS12ES high-definition component video switcher

Are you a CAT-5e aficionado? You can distribute data over 12 zones and see up to 1080 p in eight component video inputs with Sony's CAV-CVS12ES high-definition component video switcher. Four composite video inputs and IR and RS232 controls are offered. The distributor can also add high-definition capabilities for multi-room A/V systems.

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SimpleComfort SC5011 by ICM Controls

Comfort on-demand

The contractor-friendly SimpleComfort SC5011 by ICM Controls features the company's patented Thermal Intrusion Barrier to seal the wall opening, which is a source of thermal drift that affects thermostat accuracy. The SimpleSet Target Programming lets you transfer the program and configuration from one thermostat to another in seconds without the need for special tools.

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Home Automation's WL3 software with Windows Home Server Add-In

Eyes on the cookie jar

The WL3 software with Windows Home Server Add-In continually monitors the home and can be accessed from any Internet-capable system (iPhone shown here). Made by Home Automation Inc., the system alerts homeowners if the alarm system is being disarmed or activated; a car is entering the garage or driveway; or even if the wine cellar door or pool gate has been opened.

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Linear's model DXS-80 radio-frequency-based carbon monoxide detector

Raise the alarm

The market's first UL-listed, radio-frequency-based carbon monoxide detector is great for new or retrofit applications where pulling cable is a challenge. Made by Linear, model DXS-80 can be integrated into most alarm panels, and with the integration of the DX receiver can be added to the home security system.

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SafeWatch SafePass system with keypad and touchpad combo from ADT

Piece of mind without the codes

Homeowners won't need to remember a string of codes with this key-tag and touchpad combo from ADT. The SafeWatch SafePass system can be activated or disarmed with the wave of the key-tag at the touch pad. The tags can be programmed to work only at specific times, allowing homeowners to restrict access.

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WattStopper/Legrand's RH-250 lighting switch

Lighting up your life

The RH-250 is designed for applications requiring more than one switch, such as stairways, hallways, large spaces and rooms with multiple entrances. Made by Watt Stopper/Legrand, the RH-250 allows users to turn lighting on from any of the devices by pressing a button. When the space is empty, and the selected time delay has elapsed, the lights turn off automatically, saving energy and lowering bills.

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Kidde's Silhouette smoke alarm

Barely there

Now you see it, now you don't. Kidde's Silhouette is a new UL-approved smoke alarm that protrudes less than half an inch from the ceiling. The alarms are powered by a sealed, rechargeable battery that lasts the life of the alarm. The hard-wired installation is easier thanks to the pre-stripped wiring harness with tinned strands.

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A little levity

Leviton's new IP Quad Module lets homeowners view high-quality color output from their Leviton video monitoring system on any TV in their home or over the Internet. The video monitoring system consists of an indoor and outdoor camera that connects through a Leviton Structured Media Center.

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Square D's Pascal Automation Controller

Get connected

Got a bunch of devices that you want to work together? Maybe you need the Pascal Automation Controllers. Made by the folks at Square D, the controller is easily installed by an electrical contractor using standard Cat-5 cable. Third-party products, such as a movie projector, screen and security or HVAC systems, are connected to the Pascal via its two RS232 ports.

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Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform (HIP3.4)

Peace of mind, anytime

Remodelers who really want to impress their customers should look to Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform. HIP 3.4 now incorporates window controls. Also available is the PhoneView cell phone application, which works with most BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile smart phones. The system sends alerts and lets users execute modes, view live images and check the home's lighting and temperature.

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