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This Roofer’s On Fire

How this business owner used past problems to fuel future successes


Breaking Through the Brand

Three remodeling companies share their motivations, stories, and experiences of redefining their outward identities for the next stage of growth

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Splashing Into a New Business Model: Full-Service Luxury Baths

Pivoting from whole-home renovations, Joseph A. Tsedaka started a luxury bath remodeling company and built a system to take a client from design to construction in under two weeks. 

Veteran Takes on Roofing

Elizabeth Evans, CEO and founder of E2 Homes and E2 Roofing, grew her businesses, attended the Joint War College, and was promoted to Colonel all during the pandemic. 

Off the Clock: Getting to Know Matt Risinger

Craftsman, Entrepreneur, Educator, and YouTube Famous: Matt Risinger is a remodeling household name. But who is he really? Find out how he got his start and more on Off the Clock.

The Opportunity Gap for Women in Remodeling

Women make up a small fraction of the millions of construction workers employed in the US. Meet one woman trying to close the gap. 

Off the Clock: The Surprising Compatibility of Social Work and Remodeling

To create a path into the trades for women, Hope Renovations runs training programs for free

Hardware Hero: Darryl Rose and Get Dwell

Darryl Rose and Get Dwell have found a way to offer local hardware stores their “holy grail”: home services.


NARI Names Rob King as New Director of Marketing

King will bring 20 years of association experience to the playing field


From ‘Beep’ To Buyout

How a man in his garage with no experience created what may be the world’s first CRM–and then sold it.


A Lifetime of Experience

How Mad City Windows Marketing Director Josh Yager's life lessons turned him into the trainer, coach, and leader he is today.

Doing Things Right

What makes the Houston Remodelers Council so effective

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