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Product Preview

Products for the remodeling industry.

June 30, 2007
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Composed entirely of quartz, which measures a 7 out of 10 on the mineral hardness scale, DuPont's Zodiaq line now has several new colors, including storm gray (shown). The surfaces are consistent in color; nonporous; heat- and stain-resistant; and can be cut and fit to meet precise requirements. The company provides a 10-year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

For more information, visit Dupont


Custom-colored acrylics from Acrilex include the Acriglas marble/granite series of acrylic sheets. The acrylic sheets, according to the company, are ideal for lighting, furniture and fixture applications that require complex formed or fabricated shapes. The sheets feature superior impact resistance to glass. Twelve standard colors are available in degrees of translucency.

For more information, visit Acrilex

Glacier Computer

Specifically designed for use in the construction industry, the Magnum computer from Glacier Computer is designed to withstand shock, vibrations, dust and moisture. It can be configured with Windows XP Pro or XP Embedded. Each unit has a touch screen and brighter display so it's easy to use even with a gloved hand.

For more information, visit Glacier Computer


Going against the trend of sharp, angular corners, the Hilo solid-surface vanity bowl from Swanstone has a European look and comes in 33 colors. According to the company, the vanity bowl can be installed as a vessel bowl above the countertop, as a drop-in or as an undermount.

For more information, visit Swanstone


Slotted composite decking from Latitudes includes the Equator composite decking line. Equator features a hidden deck fastener system that doesn't require pre-drilling. The fasteners automatically space deck boards with the appropriate gap. The deck boards come with a 15-year limited warranty and are available in 12-, 16- and 20-foot lengths in redwood, cedar, gray and walnut.

For more information, visit Latitudes


The latest porcelain tiles from Eliane include the Neolitic Series of large-format tiles made with fire-melted metals over a porcelain body. The fluted relief Neolitic metallic colors are offered in large format 20-by-20-inch tiles with several other accessory sizes. A non-metallic version is also available in the traditional 20-by-20-inch large format in white, chestnut brown and black.

For more information, visit Eliane

W.A.C. Lighting

Made by the fusing of two layers of luxurious art glass and ideal for illuminating kitchen counters, islands and tables, the Draco, Fury, Pyro and Chimera are the latest Quick Connect Pendants from W.A.C. Lighting. The pendants can be applied to low-voltage monorail systems or other applications, including the company's Line Voltage Flexrail System.

For more information, visit W.A.C. Lighting


The Inspirations line from Moen includes the Mirrorscapes, which can help turn ordinary wall-mounted plate-glass mirrors into more expensive-looking centerpieces with a replacement frame. The Mirrorscapes installation requires mounting brackets (included) and no miter cuts are necessary with the decorative cover-up corners.

For more information, visit Moen 


Featuring the company's SmartCut motion-activated system, the 3800 10-inch compound miter saw from Skil also features two-beam laser technology to make lining up a cut easier. As the operator comes within range of the saw, its motion-activated laser system automatically turns on, allowing the user to position the cut with both hands.

For mroe information, visit Skil 

Amsco Windows

Vinyl windows with color caps by Amsco Windows fall under the company's Artisan series. Made for high-end new construction and replacement jobs, the Artisan series features the company's SuperCapSR technologies that fuses the color layer with scratch and fade resistance. White, almond, taupe, bronze, evergreen and autumn colors are offered.

For more information, visit Amsco Windows 

Mountain Lumber

The Entique line of flooring from Mountain Lumber uses reclaimed wood and the company's proprietary manufacturing process to create pre-finished flooring. The floors can be nailed down over conventional wood sub floors, glued over concrete for below-grade jobs and floated to accommodate radiant flooring. The Ancient Chinese Elm finish is shown.

For more information, visit Mountain Lumber 

Chief Architect

Chief Architect's X1 is the latest version of the company's architectural design and drafting software. The system now features the 3D Roof Designer and 3D Wall Designer tools as well as updated modeling tools and kitchen and bath toolset configurations.

For more information, visit Chief Architect 


Now featuring an executive dashboard that gives builders and remodelers the ability to quickly check the overall health of the company at a glance, Sage's Master Builder Version 12 also features improved licensing that maintains the benefits of concurrent use licensing but now makes the process of adding or removing users easier. The company's software portfolio also includes Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting for Construction.

For more information, visit Sage 

BuildTech Solutions

BuildTech Solution's project management technology for builders and remodelers fills "a void in existing system applications." The company's software provides a host of integration and management tools, including automatic PC or PDA updates via an Internet connection along with real-time information sharing.

For more information, visit BuildTech Solutions 


The HomeBuilder Management Tool Kit from HomeFront is touted as an end-to-end sales and construction management tool that also integrates automatically with Sage's Timberline Office software. According to the company, it is aimed at mid-sized and expanding remodeling companies.

For more information, visit 

Alternate materials leading the way

Just like with siding and windows, homeowners are looking for roofing products that will provide a lifetime of low maintenance but still be aesthetically attractive.

For State Roofing of Monroe, Wash., one of the largest roofing companies in the country, that means an increased demand for alternate materials like metal and rubber.

"This has always been a cedar shake market, but customers now want something that's going to last longer," says Marketing Director Guy Golliver. "People are telling us that they want something that looks like cedar but isn't cedar."

The company's top-selling roof line is Rare Metal Shakes, which combines the strength of steel with the look of cedar shakes and carries a lifetime warranty.

Also rapidly growing in popularity is the company's exclusive lines of GEM EuroSlate and EuroShake rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is now second only to metal roofs in installations for State Roofing. The product carries a 50-year warranty and is made mainly from recycled tires, making it attractive to people interested in green products, Golliver says.

The company's target market is people who have been in their homes at least 10 years and recognize the value of a low-maintenance and long-life product.

"The longer they've lived in their home, the better prospect they are for us, because they've lived with that old roof and want something that will last the rest of their lives," Golliver says.

Atlas Roofing Corp.

The StormMaster Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge shingles are pre-cut to eliminate most hand trimming on the roof. The 5 5/8-inch exposure matches many popular metric-sized laminates. The shingles are composed of SBS modified asphalt with a fiberglass reinforcement and built-in sealant strip.

For more information, visit Atlas Roofing Corp. 

Owens Corning

The latest shingles from Owens Corning include the Duration Series, which includes the company's patented SureNail technology that provides a larger nailing area and improved wind resistance. The Duration shingles are made in 12 colors and carry a Class A UL fire rating as well as a 10-year algae resistance warranty. A premium line is also available.

For more information, visit Owens Corning 

Grace Construction Products

The Tri-Flex Xtreme synthetic roofing underlayment from Grace Construction Products features a proprietary coating for slip resistance. The underlayment can be exposed for up to six months without rotting or cracking and comes in rolls of 41½ inches by 289 feet. The Tri-Flex Xtreme can be applied underneath shingles, tile, slate, metal and cedar shakes.

For more information, visit Grace Construction Products 

Benjamin Obdyke

Designed for quick and inexpensive roof patches when converting attic ventilation systems from roof pots to ridge ventilation, the PlyPatch from Bejamin Obdyke consists of sheets of plywood secured by four attached metal drywall clips. The patch can withstand structural loads of up to 450 pounds and each sheet measures 7¾-by-7¾-by-7 1/6-inches.

For more information, visit Benjamin Obdyke 

Tamko Building Products

The Heritage Vintage premium asphalt shingles from Tamko Building Products are designed to mimic the look of real wood shake, incorporating similar textures and angular lines. Heritage shingles are backed by a 50-year limited warranty and are UL listed for Class A fire and wind resistance. Colors include weathered wood, charcoal, redwood, fossil gray and chestnut.

For more information, visit Tamko Building Products 


Listed under UL 2218 Class 4 for roofing, the Presidential Shake impact-resistant luxury shingles are comprised of asphalt and two laminated layers with a fibrous glass scrim on the back for increased durability. The product is backed by the company's 15-year warranty against discoloration by airborne algae as well as a 10-year warranty that covers 100 percent of replacement and labor costs in any manufacturing defect.

For more information, visit CertainTeed 


The PlyDry 30 high-strength synthetic roofing underlayment from Fortifiber features the company's patent-pending CatWalk slip-resistant coating for worker safety. The underlayment is meant for standard applications as listed in the ICC ESR-1204 as well as carrying approval for use in Florida's Dade County.

For more information, visit Fortifiber

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