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Outdoor Showers

The clamor for outdoor living has extended to showering 

March 06, 2020
ed leimgardt contracting outdoor shower

Outdoor living is popular and growing more popular still. It’s been like that for years, according to countless surveys, including The American Institute of Architects’ annual Home Design Trends Survey, which reported a three percentage point increase from 2017 to 2019 in the number of respondents experiencing additional requests for outdoor living spaces. 

To think of outdoor living is to imagine barbecues, and decks and patios full of furniture. But in reviewing what’s really most popular, we found in a 2018 American Society of Landscape Architects’ survey that one of the most sought after outdoor features (popular among about 23% of its respondents) was something you don’t hear a lot about: showers. 

With that in mind, we tracked down a few exceptional outdoor showers to showcase the trend. 

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