Normandy Remodeling's Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends For 2014

10 bathroom trends the award-winning Normandy Remodeling Design Team anticipates to be popular this year.

January 22, 2014

The expert designers from Normandy Remodeling are predicting 2014 to be a big year for luxurious, spa-like bathrooms that tailor to homeowners’ lifestyles. While there are some classics on the list, there are also new elements that homeowners can’t wait to incorporate into their bathrooms.

Here are the bathroom trends the award-winning Normandy Remodeling Design Team anticipates to be popular this year:

1. Large tiles for flooring. This means smaller grout lines and less maintenance for homeowners

2. Custom showers. Homeowners are opting for bigger showers that include elements that fit their personal taste, whether that be pebble flooring, niches, benches, body sprays – you name it.  It’s about making the bathroom their version of an at-home spa.

3. Freestanding bathtubs. People are incorporating this classic element in place of the whirlpool tubs with tub decks.

4. Polished nickel fixtures. These fixtures complement a variety of color schemes and homeowners are finding them to be a good investment.

5. Glass tile backsplash. Whether it’s used as a focal point in the shower or an accent around the bathroom, glass tile adds a touch of glam and sparkle to a space.

6. Frameless glass showers. This design element makes the bathroom look more open and spacious.

7. Heated floors. Especially for Chicago area homeowners that endure cold winters, heated floors take the chill out of cold tile floors.

8. Freestanding vanities. These vanities give the appearance of freestanding furniture, and can lend an eclectic or found furniture look to a bathroom.

9. Natural colors. Homeowners find soft blues, tans and greens in the bathroom to be soothing and help create a spa-like aesthetic.

10. Zero threshold showers. Elements like this are becoming more popular as homeowners decide to age in place.

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