We've had labor shortages before, but the one created by The Great Recession shows no sign of abating.

Images are critical to success with social media. But the specs for optimal size and format is not the same for every platform.

The world is changing fast, and customers are changing with it. How well you adapt will determine whether you win or lose in the new marketplace.


Wanting to go off the grid may also mean an additional shopping trip to the local appliance store.

Productivity: How to Make Time Your Friend, Not Enemy

Be thankful when you feel squeezed for time – consider the opposite scenario

Design: What Exactly Makes a White Kitchen ‘Timeless?’

Photo: Christy Bright/Flickr

Real estate brokers report that many home buyers look for a kitchen washed in white

A Backstory is a Remodeler’s Great Advantage in Sales, Remodeler Sales, Remodeling Sales

Learning about a potential client’s backstory is key to sales success

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