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deceptive acts are hurting remodeling

Veteran remodeler Michael Anschel makes a case for integrity in remodeling 

Extreme Sales Summit

The Extreme Sales Summit is known for bringing together the remodeling industry's most experienced leaders and innovative thinkers.


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A playlist featuring the latest in business management, building science, and professional development in the remodeling and home improvement industries. 

Style Guide Changes

Pro Remodeler will no longer use the word "master bedroom" unless quoting a source or referring to an awards category. 

Data Driven Marketing

Rob King, director of marketing for NARI, shares how he approaches data-driven marketing in the digital age. 

Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

With intentional leadership, home improvement companies can create stronger, more effective leadership teams that are ready to tackle challenges and crush goals. 

Dreamstyle Remodeling door install

Keeping your team's physical and mental health in good shape will help your company perform during this extended season. 

Woman holding green paint can

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Making It...With Lowe's will spotlight minority-owned small businesses with innovative products in home improvement and remodeling. 

Allowances the Weekly

Chad Hatfield and James Hammel of Alair Homes joined The Weekly to explain why they never use allowances on a project. 

Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson shares his insights on long-term business strategy during the pandemic and interviews Dean Curtis, CEO of Ingage, on tips for virtual interactions. 

man reading emails and on phone

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Con artists are attempting to steal small businesses' information and money through fake grants, dodgy loans, and phising emails.

Hardware power tools close up

Attendees will use a digital platform to experience the virtual product showcases, direct networking with buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers, and educational content. 

IBS sign

IBS remains an in-person event at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Extreme Lead Gen

The new online platform will allow attendees to connect with peers and customize their experience.

vocational training is being ensuredd by grant from home depot foundation and NAHB to HBI and  skilled labor fund

A grant from The Home Depot Foundation and NAHB will help fund the Skilled Labor Fund and Home Builders' Institute's "Schools to Skills" program

WIRC Conference

The new platform lets attendees customize their experience, including a guided wine tasting.

modern kitchen nkba market report Q2

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Supply chains, demand rebound as the industry evolves in the pandemic

power tools on desk

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Remodelers and home improvement professionals can now rent equipment they need for a unique job.

softwood lumber prices are up and it could hurt remodelers

A 70% increase to softwood lumber products prices in single-family homes is landing first on contractors and then on to homeowners 

Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

Professional Remodeler’s Director of Content Erika Taylor joins the latest episode to discuss what she sees happening in the industry and how to improve peer-to-peer relationships.

Extreme sales summit

The new online platform will allow home improvement pros to connect with peers through a customized experience.

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