New Conference for Remodeler Examines Successful Business Concepts

New program by Professional Remodeler Columnist David Lupberger brings together three impendent business models to create a unique outcome.

January 13, 2014

A new conference by Professional Remodeler Columnist David Lupberger will show remodelers how to monetize their client base to create value for future equity and sale.

A group of innovative and influential remodelers from around the country will be gathering in Denver on February 3rd to hear about a new process that combines three successful business concepts. These concepts will show remodelers a documented strategy to prepare their companies for transfer and sale.

“We’re merging three successful concepts to create a very unique outcome”, said remodeling expert David Lupberger. “This program will show remodelers how to monetize your client base to create value for future equity and sale, which will allow you to realize the fruits of your labor as never before”

The plan consists of three main steps:

1. Implementation of a service division

- Includes documented hiring procedures for service craftsmen

- Ongoing service division support to assist with implementation

- Project management software

- Marketing assistance

2. Implementation of the “client for life” business model

- Understanding of this model with a step-by-step implementation plan

- Program rollout through the new service division

- Proven scripts and collateral sales materials

- Cloud-based home evaluation software

3. Building business equity

- Understanding the business valuation process

- Applying the process to the remodeling industry

- Building “value-drivers” to increase future equity

- Creating a road-map to guide company transition in the future

On February 3rd, business experts will review how to implement each of the business-building skills above. This will be the first time they will be working together to create a business model that will show remodelers how to create a documented plan to sell or transition their business for the future.

For more information, contact David Lupberger or phone 301.442.0169. PR

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