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NARI Loses Two More Chapters

NARI chapters Omaha and DelChester terminate chapter agreements and reform as Professional Remodeling Orgnaization Nebraska-Iowa and Delaware Valley, respectively

June 29, 2021
nari delchester and omaha split from nari national to become professional remodeling organizations

The Omaha and DelChester chapters of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry today confirmed that as of June 25, 2021 the two (with NARI NY’s announcement making it three) have decided to terminate their respective chapter agreements with the organization. Omaha NARI will become the Professional Remodeling Organization of Nebraska and Iowa, while DelChester will become the Professional Remodeling Organization of Delaware Valley.

“We had no opposition from membership, and our board has reached out to every one of our members on the issue,” says Tom O’Grady, a longtime DelChester member, leader, and current advisor to the board. “If anything, members were asking why we hadn’t done it sooner.”

The decision was met with similar support in Omaha, confirms Chapter Executive Director Sarah Jensen. “Our members voted with a 94% approval rate to terminate the relationship.”

In describing the minority opposition (i.e., two members), Jensen says that while one offered no comment beyond their vote, the other, while disagreeing with the decision, would still ultimately “elect to be a member of both.

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Insider Sheds Light on PRO Organization

As to why the chapters alongside NARI NY (now PRO NY) sent their notices of termination to NARI National on the same day, O’Grady says, “it was by no accident.”

It was a statement of resolve, he says. “The chapters that have broken off represent a big chunk of membership. We never wanted to leave NARI, but this is not the NARI it was or could’ve been.”

On the status and possible future makeup of the emerging Professional Remodeling Organization brand, O’Grady mirrored a statement from PRO NY’s president Patrick Bentivegna, in which he said that a national organization is not the goal of the group.

"In light of our struggles having productive dialogs with NARI, we don’t want this to be a top-down group,” O’Grady, who’s been central to DelChester’s (now Delaware Valley’s) transition from NARI chapter to PRO organization, says. “We’re not trying to compete with NARI or have a national structure. We are going to be locally focused but still collaborate on education for members and opportunities of that nature.”  

Five NARI chapters have now terminated their agreements since April 2021.

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About the Author

About the Author

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.



Thanks for the news about NARI with the seceding Chapters. Had no idea that this was going on with them losing these Chapters. Am not a member of NARI so no dog in this hunt but the overall NARI seemed like a quality organization. But again, I'm not on the inside,

NARI is losing so many members. A dues increase into perpetuity. No more support to chapters. And worse, kicked out a chapter for excellence and asking questions. They were too successful, and yet not subservient enough, so they gotta go. No freaking dialogue, nothing from National. Why is Nari National on such a self destructive path?

PRO is a work of art being painted, with kindness and respect and civil discourse the rule, I know some of the builders of the coalition, absolutely amazing people, and PRO will crush it. None of them would shy away from a conversation of how to better our association, and the NARI National Board hid like little children from any dialogue, never met with DC. Not one meeting, but national was sucker punched with a "letter". Total BS.

How many chapters leaving is too many? Or is this the plan, to dissolve all chapters, and everyone will now be a "national member". Doubles the revenue for national, so if they lose half of the members through the transition, they still break even. They don't care who they piss off, they don't care about us. We are nothing but a revenue stream to them, so they will make an effort to retain us as members with none of our concerns in mind. They obviously think most of us are not paying attention, and they will get some renewals that way, become some aren't.

I was taught by my father to stand up for myself, to look a man in the eye, and say your piece, good or bad. It is a sad day when a national board of directors for an association built upon the backs of remodeling contractors cannot have a dialogue, a freaking conversation, to enhance the benefits in our communities. That it reached this point, is comical. Nari is now a joke, good luck promoting something that was never promoted to begin with. National hasn't spent a dime on real marketing for us, and never will. Last dues I ever pay those imbeciles.

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