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Dan Bawden, CGR, CGB, JD Legal Eagle Construction, Houston

September 05, 2000


Dan Bawden


Dan Bawden, CGR, CGB, JD

Legal Eagle Construction


Q. Why did you decide to pursue your CGR designation?

A. To set myself apart from and above other remodelers. There is no state licensing in Texas -- which I view as a great opportunity to stand out as a professional against my competition.

Q. How long have you been a CGR?

A. Since 1996.

Q. What courses and information from the CGR program have you been able to apply immediately in your business?

A. The Sales and Marketing course was the best for me.

Q. How has being a CGR helped you in marketing to potential clients?

A. I push my CGR credential every chance I get -- on my Web site, my business cards, letterhead, brochures, truck signs and yard signs, to name a few. Where space allows, I not only show the credential but explain it as well to educate my potential clients.

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