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How this Remodeler Handles Expansion and Contraction Planning

Market contraction and expansion is expected in remodeling. Learn how Medford Remodeling CEO Kourtney Davis preps the company for success either way.

A Blueprint For Business Success

Practices, principles, and processes that design-build businesses and home improvement companies alike share to reach their growth goals

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Overcome Your Networking Fears

Networking is the key to visibility and increasing your circle of friends

Keeping up with Home Technology

Home technology is no longer a future concept; we use it now. So how does a remodeling firm handle this technology: in-house techies or outsourced to technology gurus? Remodelers Harry Poehlmann and David Pekel discuss their strategy for coping with the latest technology for the home.

Tailor Your Marketing to Your Needs

As you know, marketing is a key component of any successful remodeling business. The key to effective marketing is identifying which marketing activities best support your business.

Marketing in a Down Cycle: Back to Basics

It's time for planning, setting up annual goals and evaluating your performance from the previous year. With the real-estate industry being as slow as it is and the fact it's nearly impossible to sell a home for top dollar unless it's in pristine condition, the remodeling industry benefits.

How do you Start a Business Plan?

How do you create a business plan that makes a difference in the day-to-day operation of a remodeling company?

Selling Green Remodeling

In these days of energy-efficiency and sustainability, what does it take to sell green to an uninformed customer? How do you define or describe green remodeling? Green remodeling is incorporating into the design and construction processes an emphasis on sustainability and thinking about the environment.

Got Green?

With consumer awareness of environmental issues and energy conservation at an all-time high, the market for green remodeling is expanding rapidly. We dedicated this issue to finding out where the industry stands with regard to green. Our green remodeling survey results (page 20) reveal that more remodelers than ever are making green at least a small part of their business; many have made it the...

Spread the Word

Throughout my career, I've seen an evolution in many business functions, one being the changing role of public relations in daily business operations. In the past, we simply placed an ad in the newspaper and got favorable results; now we must strive for getting mentioned within an article to really make it pay off.

It's Time for Remodelers to Go Green

The future of green remodeling is upon us. Professional remodeling contractors must not miss the opportunity to be part of it. Green Remodeling is the next logical step for the industry. There are many good reasons to go green and few, if any, not to: How do you incorporate green remodeling into your business? First you must learn how to do it.

LLC, S-Corp or Sole Proprietor?

Tom Swartz talks to a CPA and an attorney who counsel remodelers and help them choose the best business structure for their company.

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