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September 2016

August 31, 2016


Timing is everything—especially with a "time is of the essence" provision

Underfunded and underenforced, a fragmented contractor licensing system allows unlicensed and unregistered contractors to operate with impunity. Here are five steps to start fixing that situation  

San Antonio Firm awarded for Best Body of Work in new category for 2016 Pro Remodeler Design Awards

Closet purge in preparation for an upcoming remodel? Here's just the thing for clients cleaning up before their project begins

Small Business Health Care Relief Act passes House

Key factors include a healthier housing market, rising prices

The past year's best ideas in design, skillfully crafted

Like it or not, your website plays a key role in your marketing. Maximize its impact with these tips

Homeowners need a certified technician to work on their cars, but they can hire just about anybody to remodel their homes. Why is that and what can we do about it?

Insulating older homes is an all-or-nothing proposition. Just blowing insulation into the walls can create moisture problems that will rot the wood structure from the inside out.

With a rapidly changing market, such as we have now, you need to be alert to any changes, so you can maintain a nimble, evolving business

Why is every member of a random group of consumers interested in which car won a particular award?  

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