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PR September 2015

September 02, 2015


See which projects were the real standouts among this year's wealth of entries, and be inspired

This deceptively simple kitchen remodel wows with its seamless integration of multiple updates and styles 

For a small-business owner, being able to take time off is a significant milestone that marks the first step in the transition from a business that depends completely on its owner

Meet the awards judges for 2015 and find out about our new format for presenting the Design Awards winners in the magazine    

Regular contributor Les Cunningham takes a closer look at the cost of turning a lead into a sale

In great companies, recruitment is less of an HR exercise and more of a sales and marketing initiative. 

Big changes over the past decade have resulted in more van styles and more options for tradesmen

Though The Breakfast Club and Footloose may be long gone, this outdated bathroom remained

Curious to learn more about energy-efficiency certification programs and related resources? Here's a sampling

When certifying a remodeling project, it’s important to find the program that best suits your needs. Here's an overview of the options

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