PR March 2004

August 16, 2010


Pictures from the One Night, One Industry event in Las Vegas and the Maryland Improvement Contractors Association's 2003 Remodelers of the Year Awards ceremony.

Properly customized, the right software saves paperwork, time and money.

A savvy remodeler focuses on items on which money can be saved by subsituting lower-priced products or materials without having a major effect on the outcome.

How to plan for business change - from growth to diversification - and succeed

While many companies are still striving to incorporate e-mail and the Internet into their business with meaningful results, Tri-Lite Builders in Chandler, Ariz., has integrated the electronic realm into its marketing strategy with measurable success.

Getting in and out of clients' homes in minimum time with little mess makes for happy customers and good cash flow, which has made Rick Oakley's 9-year-old Re-Bath franchise a good addition to his 23-year-old interior remodeling business, Creative Inte...

Insulating perimeter basement walls can domesticate the space inexpensively by separating the perpetually cool outside walls from the mild interior and creating a much more comfortable living area.

For the past three years, Adam Helfman, CGR, CR, owner of Fairway Construction in Southfield, Mich., has had a co-branding relationship with Kohler that has helped his company remain competitive and diversify its offerings.

Sarah Susanka looks at space, light and order, which she collectively dubs the architect's toolbox, in Home by Design (256 pages).

Many manufacturers offer customer loyalty programs, but often only high-volume customers fully reap the benefits.

Lonnie Cox, CGR, sales manager for Brothers Strong in Houston, used to own his own drywall company and has turned his tricks of the drywall trade into innovative remodeling so-lutions in the field.

Like many remodelers, Gary Marrokal started as an apprentice carpenter, worked his way up through the field at another firm and then started his own remodeling company out of his home. Within seven years, Marrokal Construction hit $1.5 million, an annu...

Creating a written business plan has remained an unmet goal for Steve Taylor the past two years, and a strategic plan isn't really on his radar. Yet his remodeling company has undergone several strategic shifts.

Few people like change in the workplace. Variety, sure. Doing the same thing day after day gets boring. That's one big reason for choosing remodeling over home building.

This whole-house renovation transformed a Midwestern farm complex into a distinguished home and garden suitable for large-scale entertaining.

Fixtures can go wherever the homeowners desire in a new bathroom in a new space, but roughing in the plumbing and drain lines can be a challenge.

Structural changes in other areas of the home contribute to the kitchen area's look.

The home's cathedral ceilings, exposed beams and tongue-and-groove, solid cedar roof left few lighting wiring options.

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