PR June 2014

May 28, 2014

Strategic Partnerships

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Latest Door Trends


A detailed list and description of the attributes that are common denominators of leadership greatness.

You have an opportunity to formalize key relationships with your trade contractors and suppliers. Reach out to past clients and ask them if they would like access to your professional referral group.

Continuing my theme from last month, here are five more lessons I’ve learned from my 26 years in the remodeling business.

Technology can help your company become more efficient and improve your client’s experience; however, do not rely solely on technology to manage your projects.

Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with Sal Ferro and Tim Shigley about how their firms manage to balance the customer service relationship between homeowners and remodelers.

Value proposition of franchise and dealership investment continues to grow.

Homeowner window-buying habits changing as more emphasize energy efficiency.

Murphy Brothers Contracting and architect Jim Fleming seize moment to upgrade crown jewel of New York’s Larchmont Yacht Club.

Thinking broadly about client’s needs, now and in the future, can help you develop a thoughtful design that anticipates changes that will occur over the client’s lifespan.

Bolder entry and patio doors make a big impact in homes of all sizes and styles.

This month we asked, “when do you determine to give up on a ‘big idea’ and move on to the next idea?”

The light itself is in the hinge and is bright enough for users to see without having to turn on harsh, glaring overhead lights.

All internal components are now Fluidmaster-brand, including the premium 540 Series 3-inch flush valve

QuikStix is lightweight, allowing easy storage on the jobsite.

Once in place, the pliers self-lock on pipes and nuts, eliminating slippage and requiring low hand force.

Shared features include electronic variable speed, rear handle mount, and LED service indicator.

The 8V MAX delivers up to 2,200 RPM and 125 inch-pounds of non-reactionary torque.

The siding accessory collection now includes the 3.5-inch Fluted Corner and the Flexible J-Channel.

Two new products added to a line of gutter protection gear.

Three lightweight models make up the new family of worm drive saws.

Users can also open and close them more easily with a convenient single-hand operator.

All tapes are easy to unwind and tear, and release easily and cleanly.

The panels boast a structural-1 rating for greater resistance to wind and seismic loads and superior moisture resistance.

A controller has diagnostic capabilities making for easy repair and component accessibility.

The unit’s design and low profile allow it to be rotated for either horizontal or vertical air discharge.

Zero clearance installation means it can fit in tight spaces.

The small indoor units are less than 24-inches high and 30-inches wide.

The simple, one-panel solution has an ultra-low profile, 5/8 of an inch, and weighs 2-½ pounds per square foot.

The system can be horizontally or vertically direct-vented with vent and air pipe lengths of up to 100 equivalent feet.

All options can be set by using the five front panel buttons and easy-to-read menus on the full-color display.

Features such as wireless control provide users the ability to adjust and set temperature, fan speeds, and timers.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows homeowners to regulate energy usage and home comfort through a smartphone app, and the system can be customized to match the décor.

A communications module allows homeowners to monitor energy production online in real time.

Handles are designed for maximum backsplash clearance and full movement.

A digital display allows convenient temperature adjustment and self-reporting diagnostics.

The compact Saniswift pump is an ideal above-floor plumbing solution where no below-floor drainage exists.

The 45-degree elbow is offered in 1-½-inch and 2-inch sizes.

All pipes are chemically inert, rust- and corrosion-free, and can handle water up to 185°F at 100 psi.

A large LCD display provides precise temperature control and advanced diagnostics.

No additional hot-water piping is required because the system uses the cold water as the return line.

It is suited for trenchless installation methods, resistant to rock impingement, and boasts a crush strength comparable to HDPE.

One person can negotiate the three-step process.

All hoods are shipped flat, but with the front shelf and mantle pre-assembled to the face frame.

Each sink is hand-crafted through a multi-day process, complete with nanosealing for enhanced scratch and stain resistance.

Attributes include near-zero porosity and high scratch, heat, wear, and UV resistance.

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