PR June 2008

August 16, 2010


Remodelers need to be consistent in their branding and marketing to gain trust from their clients.

Are you: Although I don't personally buy into the current shroud of doom and gloom in the remodeling profession, I do believe that even small changes in perspective can reap huge rewards. I also find that if it is your company's belief that there is a reason (or excuse) for the way things are — especially if you don't have control over it — very little change will happen.

There is always a need to get back to the basics during challenging times and growth periods in the remodeling industry.

Professional Remodeler challenges, inspires and engages owners and top executives of established, successful remodeling firms by delivering vital, trusted information.

Training in ecological design and construction can take many forms. Three experts with unique perspectives on green remodeling outline their strategies for building skills and confidence.

A short-term partnership in a remodeling company ends up becoming one of the largest exterior remodeling companies, K-Designers, in the country.

The 2008 Market Leaders list, which identifies the top remodelers in 20 top remodeling markets, was compiled through a combination of research by Professional Remodeler staff and information provided by the listed companies. 

The remodeler added a glass and mahogany sunroom/conservatory that reflects the client's vision for an indoor/outdoor space.

Housing and the economy may be hurting but remodelers Diane Menke and Dana Priesing made a succession of shrewd moves in the speculative remodeling business, most recently buying and living in a house they are improving as a business investment.

New product reviews for remodelers and the remodeling industry.

Remodeling industry inside information

Team building is all about getting everyone in your remodeling company to participate in setting goals and core values.

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