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PR June 2000

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PR June 2000

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Ripples in the Pond

A couple of months ago, we bragged a bit about the terrific effort on the part of our local Remodelors Council to introduce high schoolers to remodelers, showing them the variety of career opportunities available in this industry

Funding the Future

The industry’s labor problem has been a hot topic of conversation for many years. Rather than continue to rehash the same old debate, Professional Remodeler, along with Professional Builder, has teamed with the Home Builders Institute and...

War of Wills

When remodelers sell clients, the line between being persuasive and being pushy is wire-thin.

Local Impact

Bill Medina, CGR, represents all that remodeling excellence embodies.

High-Tech Attitude

During an initial meeting with a potential client, a remodeler notices that the homeowners are having difficulty visualizing the project from his sketches.

Precision Workmanship

Quality management practice has a simple goal: customer satisfaction.

Climbing the Ladder - Safely

According to Department of Labor's 1997 statistics, falls from ladders accounted for 64.3 fatal injuries in the construction category. Taking safety precautions when using ladders may reduce the risk of accidents.

Accessible Products Catalog

The NAHB Research Center is celebrating the release of the 10th edition of its Directory of Accessible Building Products


When taking over the family remodeling business from a father, a woman must overcome a whole set of obstacles - owning a company in a male-dominated industry and filling a father’s shoes.

Illinois Law Mandates Consumer Information

Home Repair Remodeling Act requires all remodelers to hand out a pamphlet called 'Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights'

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