PR January 2003

August 16, 2010


Trying to make your customer brochure a standout? Why not skip the brochure entirely?

Members of the Pinnacle Awards class of 2002 gather at PR's Benchmark conference in Boston

This beautiful sun room was designed around an unusual furnishing: a large quilting frame.

If you're anything like me; if your company is anything like mine, you've spent untold hours over the last month analyzing the year that's past and preparing for the year to come.

When Seymour Turner, vice president of Airoom (Lincolnwood, Ill.), talked to the owners of this 40-year-old, two-story house, they made their wishes clear. Now that their children were older, they wanted to update their house by adding a casual dining ...

Many remodeling projects today include removing barriers to accessibility within a person's home.

Clients of James D. Compo Inc., a custom home building and remodeling firm in Farmington Hills, Mich., had a decision to make: Should they buy a new $1.2 million house or remodel their 1940s ranch-style home?

Originally the term referred primarily to siding salesmen and to tactics that were deceptive as well as pushy. Several local Better Business Bureau Web sites feature tin men as the 1950s' contribution to the top scams of the past century.

Bob Sturgeon was neck and neck with another good remodeler in a heated bidding contest for a plum job back in 2001.

You'd think these were boom times, judging by all the remodeling my friends and neighbors are doing.

Daring to go where few - if any - remodelers have gone before, the individuals and companies on these pages have raised the bar for the remodeling industry and dragged the rest of us, occasionally kicking and screaming, with them.

A former vocational education teacher in Parsippany, N.J., Bill Asdal, CGR, has been promoting technical and managerial construction education throughout his professional life.

Lots of people read 'Fixing to Stay,' a study of Americans older than 45 that was released by AARP in 2000.

Don't compare Harrell Remodeling's 1-year-old employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) to that of United Airlines, Enron or WorldCom.

The roots of green remodeling run deep at 25-year-old Shirey Contracting in Issaquah, Wash., a Seattle suburb.

Anyone who has recently tried to purchase commercial insurance knows that rates have skyrocketed.

Even successful remodelers should occasionally look back at the same time they're trying to peer into the future.

Jeffrey Glass, CEO of Construction Concepts Corp. in Stamford, Conn., knows from experience that a great-looking project doesn't necessarily translate into a great photograph.

Bill Simone, owner of Custom Design & Construction in Los Angeles, used to spend at least 15 minutes on the telephone going through the fine points of an open position with each job applicant only to find that many callers weren't a fit.

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