March 2018

February 26, 2018


An air purification system that knows when it needs a new filter, and tells you

A few easy-to-learn prompts combined with strong listening skills can help increase your close rate and avoid unhappy clients 

It can heat nearly five showers at once and could save homeowners thousands

The Forgent series is made out of a proprietary material—a sort of glass and pvc hybrid—that makes it stronger and more resilient 

In a tightly air-sealed house, a mechanical ventilation system ensures a healthy exchange of fresh air

This exterior stair was formed over the top of an existing concrete stair sandwiched between masonry walls

The New American Remodeled home’s interior shows off the latest products and technologies

Real-world footcandle readings shine a light on the importance of recessed fixture size, lamp type, and fixture location

A close reading of positive reviews can tell you a lot about what customers value. What you find may be surprising.

The solution to handling stress often lies in better time management

It's rare to find lighting guidelines backed up by documented field testing

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