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June 2019

May 16, 2019


In eight weeks, one company generated 3,000 leads using this new Facebook Messenger feature

The NAHB looks at how the labor shortage is hurting remodelers

How to give remodeling clients what they need, instead of what they want

How becoming transparent has freed our company and increased close rates 

3 tips from the experts for improving and streamlining basement door installations

The industry staple introduced three new products at this year’s International Builders’ Show

Eliminating 3D models and hand measurements for roofing and siding replacement

Tile that transforms pottery waste into useful material

The result is a clean cutout that will be easily concealed by a standard coverplate

Tools and techniques for making perfect electrical box cutouts every time

The trick is to use narrow strips of membrane and a triangular stick

A quick look at three of the speakers who presented at this year’s Extreme Lead Generation conference, and the  actionable tips they shared 

5 trends in commercial truck and van sales that help contractors make the most of company vehicles

Four DreamMaker remodelers share what they learned from surviving the recession

Use these guidelines to avoid common mistakes 

"Not only was it more reliable and easier on our bodies, it also halved the time it takes to complete those types of jobs." 

Remodelers are overlooked when it’s time to dole out kudos for a job well done

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