February 2022

February 15, 2022


NAHB’s new chairman outlines challenges and advocacy efforts for the year.

A simple lighting makeover in one kitchen dramatically improved the space. Here’s how it was done.

The National Association of Home Builders names its new 2022 Chairman

A strong emphasis on craftmanship and loyalty to his team makes Clason Remodeling a true standout.

A local remodeler with a great project can use some of the same approaches to attract new business.

Part 2 on the basics of building a straight run of stairs

Use these guidelines to gain new business through online reviews.

Follow these steps from linear drain pros to determine the correct product and installation choice for your application.

Use this 30-day plan mindset for a more accurate and predictable 2022.

There will be a downturn again. Will it be in 2022?

A window screen that hides away. A smart drain that automatically prepares the perfect bath—These product launches push homes into the next level of smart.

A CEO outlines how cultivating a culture of celebrating your people benefits everyone.

Bringing an estimator into your remodeling company creates sweeping benefits.

Marc Black and Zak Fleming say their unique business model serves as a hiring and growth strategy. And it seems to be working for them.

Recent Instagram changes lower the barrier to becoming an "influencer."

Fast-growing home improvement and remodeling site Curbio raises $93 million from investors.

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