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February 2019

January 30, 2019
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A quick look at the Joint Center for Housing Studies’ report, “Housing America’s Older Adults” 

GE looks to flip the script on grandmas and technology

A leading remodeler discusses the planning that went into the company’s new showroom

You’re ready to sell part of your remodeling business, and an employee is interested in buying. But where do you start?

Why is it that one salesperson is better at selling kitchens while another is stronger with additions? The answer is rooted in science, and understanding how it works can help strengthen any team.

Three innovative tips for remodelers looking for new ways to open up a space

The result of an electrician being on the mend for six weeks 

Properly overlapping metal flashing, sealing tapes, and peel-and-stick membranes keeps wind-driven water from getting into the house

The New American Remodel features an organic, contemporary aesthetic that’s warm and inviting

7 rules for creating zero punch-list remodeling jobs

An easier way to diagnose hard-to-find heat loss and water leaks behind the walls

Hand-matched, furniture-grade doors that are sleeker than most

Many great project managers are unprepared to run a business

It was too obvious to miss.

Supersize your success by creating a process for SGLs with your sales team

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