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August 2019

July 22, 2019


Florida Home Improvement Associates chooses Texas remodeler Statewide Remodeling to start its national expansion

And two other interesting remodeling facts from HomeAdvisor’s latest report

Top takeaways after more than 30 years in the business

And 5 tips for embracing it in your own remodeling business

How joining an association became a central part our lead gen strategy (especially for our handyman services)

When it comes to remodeling, which tactic is more effective? 

How to lay out, align, and connect the inner and outer walls of a superinsulated double-wall house

Unit pricing is an invaluable tool for fast, accurate estimating. But counting units is not the same as estimating. Make sure your estimator knows the difference.

Professional Remodeler’s annual roundup of the top 100 products as chosen by you, our readers

The frequency and intensity of severe weather events continue to increase in the U.S. How are remodelers responding?

The contract of the future could be a blockchain-verified digital document with embedded, executable code 

I had no clear, codified personal mission statement to use as a north star

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